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the month we found, beyond the rose of sharon,

past the mint and the sage, in the sunless

corner by broken pots and upturned

zinc buckets, the first wild strawberry…


when we walked up the Acropolis,

with feral dogs among the olive trees…


when we walked through Carnac’s standing stones

and heard the wind shake the fields of wheat…


when we decorated our first home,

with Chris Montez, ‘The more I see you’…




On this auspicious date in July:

Richard the Lionheart was crowned; Thomas Cook

ran his first railway excursion, Leicester

to Peterborough and back; Thomas More

was beheaded; Horlicks went on sale; Newton

published his ‘Principia’; John Lennon

met Paul McCartney; Pasteur cured rabies;

the first full length talkie was premiered…


From that date in ‘61 – a blind date

(you with the black spot  to avenge a friend

and, after, changing your mind and your heart,