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We were besieged: iced winds from barren grounds,

then snow hushed down. That night, she screamed – breaking

her wedding china piece by piece. A car

slowed in the muffled street. The deranged have

no dignity or beauty but the trick

of absolute exclusion – only snow prints

left, scattered porcelain and their caged birds

swaggering in the locked house filling with dark.

He waited – for who would anticipate

life’s accidents, mysteries, in rooms furnished

with grace and littered with utensils

of barbarism?



A sudden heavy shower of summer rain

slows the early evening motorway

to a blood red blur of brake lights.

In my mirror, I see two cars collide,

career across the lanes – and others stop,

receding out of sight into the downpour…


I am thirteen and a half and tall for my age –

the year of Hungary and Suez;

am sitting on the red leather back seat

of an almost straight-from-the-showroom

Morris Minor (in the inexorable green),