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We are told by a Minister of the Crown

that the ‘death toll is mercifully low’,

that we must ‘learn to live’ with the pandemic.

We are a mature democracy but

allow ourselves to be treated like infants.

Though his writ runs only in the largest part

of these unequal, disunited kingdoms,

his pronouncements dominate the media.

He is the son of working class Pakistani

immigrants. A banker by trade, his vowels –

though not those of one who would have ordered

“Over the top!”, while brandishing a pistol –

have been completely shorn of his past.

He is a trimmer led by a trimmer –

that sinister clown, that jovial

sociopath, that idler, that sponger –

leader of a circus of distractors,

of seedy rhetoricians, of swindlers,

that extols the charity of food banks.

The coterie seems to be kept in power

by a clique of greedy, threatening, snobbish

xenophobic, racist parliamentarians,

obsessed with the zealotry of abstractions –

‘freedom’, ‘sovereignty’, ‘culture’ – but all merely

servants of the corporate masters

of the universe, who have already

acquired their gated Ararats, and designed

the manorial space stations to which they may

need to repair. Meanwhile, liberty,

we are told, must be measured in Starbuck’s

coffee cups and Wetherspoon’s cheesy chips.

© Copyright David Selzer
4 Responses
  • Alan Horne
    November 27, 2021

    That’s great, David! I like ‘zealotry of abstractions’, a most interesting idea. We need more of this kind of Philippic. I would especially like to be a fly on the wall of Heaven when Jacob Rees Mogg is explaining to St Peter as to exactly why he should be let in.

    • David Selzer
      November 27, 2021

      ‘…philippic…’ I like. I shall employ the term next time I’m asked way I’m ranting at the TV. I doubt Rees-Mogg will ever leave the Inferno – and there are no flies on those walls!

  • Alex Cox
    November 27, 2021

    And ‘the manorial space stations to which they may need to repair’ are worthy of a poem of their own…

    • Alan Horne
      November 28, 2021

      Hi Alex! Good to meet you on here. Very long time no see! I hope you are well. Alan.

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