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The kings were interred within the city walls.

This necropolis – lying between the sea

and the newly finished dual carriageway,

The Avenue of the Kings – is a field

full of flowers this early April morning:

curry plants, sea lavender, hibiscus.

Carved deep into the limestone – a simple niche

or a house with courtyard and doric columns –

these were courtiers’ tombs. They were looted

aeons ago. Some were quarried for dwellings,

others used by squatters, outcasts. Mimosa

bougainvillea, oleander abound.

A gecko stills as a hoopoe rises up

erratically from a tomb – with its

flamboyant head feathers and its soft, sad call:

‘whoop-poo-poop, whoop-poo-poop.’




© Copyright David Selzer

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