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The radio telescope trundles on rails

in a landscape of dairy cows and ponds,

tuning into the dispersing cosmos.

The universe is replete with sound. We

fill it with meaning and impedimenta.

Star sailors embark on metaphor

and intricate engines. We record

the energy of suns dead longer than

dinosaurs. We listen to stars yet

tolerate hunger – and we stare still

into the black wonder of starry nights.

Like addicts, we exploit experience.

The ether is redolent with humankind,

our majestic jabber.


Acknowledgement: This poem was first published in ‘Still Life’, a poetry anthology published by University of Chester Press –

© Copyright David Selzer
2 Responses
  • Alex Cox
    May 25, 2011

    We listen to stars yet tolerate hunger! Ain’t that the truth.

  • John Chapman
    May 25, 2011

    But, mayhap, “out there” will ultimately be the answer to our bloating population?

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