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Garden, Hoole © SCES 2006

For more than half our lives, we have lived

in this enigmatic, anachronistic

Victorian villa – built to look like

a Georgian farmhouse – with ashlar blocks

at three corners, the fourth unfinished.

A Valentine’s Day removal, we ate

a takeaway in the kitchen with friends.

The wife is a widow now. Our daughter

has grown, gone and visits: her childhood

still blesses the rooms sun touches through the day’s

compass. We have watched, at the long sash window

on the half landing, the sky and the garden

change through the slow seasons –  sparrows in flight,

a leaf falling. Love lasts.




© Copyright David Selzer
4 Responses
  • John Chapman
    August 29, 2010

    A time of nostalgia for you at this turning point in your lives. As long as it is not indulged too much, nostalgia can be a great comfort and a reminder of the important things in life, the most important being love in all its forms. I am now linked in love with your family through my son, your daughter and our beautiful granddaughter. Love not only lasts but extends its loving tentacles and, if we allow, envelops and rejuvenates us.

  • Howard Gardener
    August 31, 2010

    David, it sounds to me as though you are now becoming a part of that house. Perhaps propping up that fourth corner?

  • David Selzer
    September 1, 2010

    Poet’s Corner then – the artist as buttress.

  • Howard Gardener
    September 2, 2010


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