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Though there is no evidence that Busby

Berkeley was a descendant of Bishop

Berkeley (in spite of the Californian

connection),  who would deny that George

were the spiritual, or, rather,

philosophical ancestor of Bill.

Bishop George Berkeley, John Smibert, circa 1729

Busby Berkeley circa 1935

Hundreds of girls’ legs opening in unison

is a pure if anachronistic

example of the Irish Divine’s hypothesis.

And Busby was keen on fountains too!

Fountain Scene from 'Footlight Parade', 1933

So, if long dead Dick Powell, that innocent

tenor, seems to be hoofing still then

esse is truly in percipi!

Dick Powell with Ruby Keller in '42nd Street', 1933

Dick Powell with Ruby Keeler in '42nd Street' 1933

Though revelations of absolute truth

are commonplace and transitory,

the universe is an uncertain place.

Ludwig Wittgenstein July 1920

In 1915, Wittgenstein’s whistling

a Mozart clarinet concerto whilst

on active service in the artillery

workshop in Cracow in spite of his

rupture seems to be a quite different

phenomenon from the stain which has appeared

on our bathroom ceiling.

© Copyright David Selzer

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