This is the first church she has ever entered.

She likes the thudding noise of her pink trainers

with the flashing heels on the limestone flags.

She stops and points. She has seen, in subtle,

Renaissance stained glass, Jonah emerging

from his whale. She sees a kneeler, lies down

before Adam and Eve and pretends to sleep.

The cathedral was on the pilgrim route

to Santiago Di Compostella

so is a place of consummate skill,

vaulting beauty and Christian arcana –

a wonder no greater or lesser

than Iggle Piggle or The Gruffalo.

Keep the faith, little one, keep the faith!





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  1. #1 by Gilbert A. Franke - August 4th, 2012 at 19:20

    I like the image!

    Reminds me of two lines from a hymn I wrote for a congregation’s 100th anniversary: “Now We Your People.”

    “One generation will pass to another
    their songs of Your praises, forever. Amen!”

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