Beyond the furthest goalpost, at the edge

of the wood where smokers hid, was a pond

clogged with glue tins, an Asda trolley and,

sometimes, discarded tasks – notes, a poem.

In every sense, it was out of bounds.

I was one of a group of subversives,

teaching childhood and choice in a land

of deference and property. We would

measure success anecdotally, ignoring

statistics. Now that we have lost the past,

I believe that the children must make

the revolution. Their graffito should be,

‘Innocence rules! OK?’




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  1. #1 by Jane Bailey Bain - March 20th, 2012 at 18:17

    Introduction to English culture, aged 12: learning how to smoke without inhaling, with the cool crowd in the cloakrooms at **** Middle School, Chester. (Hi Kelly, hi Juliet). But looking back, it was all pretty innocuous really: they were all quite nice kids underneath….

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