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‘Most people enjoy shopping delivered to their doorstep. I enjoy Selzer Poetry delivered to mine.’

One of my regular readers began a recent email with these words.



I wDavid Selzer - Writer of Poetry, Screen Plays, Stage Plays & Fictionas born in London in 1942 but have lived most of my life in Hoole, a Victorian suburb of Chester.

I have been writing poetry since I was 14. In the summer holidays of 1957, I was on a day trip with my Auntie Renee to Llandudno. We were sitting on the steep slope above St Tudno’s church. Two things happened. Inspired by a poem about the terrors of a nuclear holocaust written by a sixth former and published in that summer term’s school magazine, I decided that I should be a poet. It seemed a grand thing to write about important subjects and be read by hundreds of people. (I hadn’t at that point actually written anything).

Before or after the decision, I can’t remember which, a group of nuns, in the long, black habits they wore then, left the church and climbed along one of the sheep tracks up the slope. My aunt will have commented on it, I’m sure, but I can’t remember what she said. The pristine image has stayed with me. I used it in a poem more than twenty years later and in a screenplay nearly forty years later.

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